Avengers Reunited: Chris Evans And Scarlett Johannson Are Set To Co-Star in Jason Bateman’s New Film

Image credit: Legion-Media

Looks like MCU fans will finally have a chance to see their favorite actors share the screen together again.

Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson signed to co-star in Apple TV+ new space race flick directed by 'Ozark' star Jason Bateman.

According to some sources close to the production, the film will center on historic space contest between US and USSR. Apple won an intense bidding war, securing the rights for the upcoming movie for more than $100 million, making it one of the most anticipated titles in streaming service's rapidly expanding catalogue.

Jason Bateman involvement in the project will certainly test his behind the screen chops, previously shown in 2013 'Bad Words' and 2015 'The Family Fang'. After the success of 'Ozark' which he produced and co-directed, it seems that the Hollywood is finally ready to give him a chance to helm a larger-profile production.

Evans and Johansson previously worked together on multiple projects, including 2004 'The Prefect Score', 2007 'The Nanny Diaries' and, most famously, starred together in Marvel Cinematic Universe, making six movies together as Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers.

Fans of the 'Evansson' duo are beyond happiness, eagerly waiting for the film's premiere.

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