Awesome Mean Girls Nod That Didn't Make It into Falling for Christmas After All

Awesome Mean Girls Nod That Didn't Make It into Falling for Christmas After All
Image credit: Netflix

Lindsay Lohan said that her new Netflix holiday-themed rom-com Falling for Christmas almost got a slightly different, even more awesome homage to Mean Girls.

The actress sings a new rendition of the 1957 Bobby Helms classic song Jingle Bell Rock at the end of the movie but admitted that this happened almost by accident.

"It was a mistake how it happened. It was my brilliant idea to bring it up in a conversation with directors and the producers. And I was like 'Oh, wouldn't it be fun if we did a blooper reel at the end, and we all did the Christmas scene from the talent show in Mean Girls?" she admitted (via).

"And they said what about the song? And then they forgot about it," Lohan shared. But in the end the actress was asked to record the song – after the movie have been finally edited. So, Lohan did the song but not the blooper reel dance.

"Leave that for Mean Girls," she added. The song appeared in Falling for Christmas trailer in October and back at the time Netflix tweeted "Break out your [camcorder emoji] because yes, that is Lindsay Lohan singing Jingle Bell Rock in the Falling For Christmas trailer!" The song was available one week prior to the movie's release.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Lohan talked some more about her experience recording the song for Falling for Christmas. She said she was "nervous" because she "haven't recorded in a long time and felt the pressure of doing it in a way that people who had seen Mean Girls would like it the same." The actress added that in Mean Girls she had all of her co-stars by her side and the dance routine to boot – while in the new movie it was just her voice.

Lindsey Lohan also admitted that she hasn't been on set for ages and she was super happy to finally be there and enjoy working with people who were excited to have her on the movie set again.

Lohan's former Mean Girls co-star Jonathan Bennett revealed that he was "bursting at the seams" to watch Falling for Christmas because to watch Lohan – "one of the best actresses of his generation" – in a Christmas comedy is an experience you just can't miss out on.

The movie follows a spoilt hotel heiress Sierra who loses her memory after a skiing accident. She ends up in the care of a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner and a widower named Jake played by Chord Overstreet – right before Christmas.

Falling for Christmas was released on November 10 on Netflix and has become the first movie in over a decade starring Lindsey Lohan as the lead. Another romantic comedy starring Lohan, Irish Wish, will premiere in 2023.