Back to 2000s: Paramount Remade Fan-Favorite Childhood Show & It Premieres This Friday

Back to 2000s: Paramount Remade Fan-Favorite Childhood Show & It Premieres This Friday
Image credit: Paramount+

Seems like we’re back to the 2000s once again.


  • Paramount+ has a big surprise in stock for this Nickelodeon’s hit show fans as it’s dropping the series’s modern version in several days.
  • The original show became a true cultural phenomenon for the 2000s' kids.
  • The new CG-generated version of the beloved show will follow the same plot with the same characters.

Disney princesses may be quite a frequent choice for remakes that get literally everyone very excited, but nobody truly expected this series for the kids to show up on the screens again — and with a new look.

Now April can become an even more anticipated month as Paramount+ is dropping the modern version of one of Nickelodeon’s biggest hits of all time.

Dora the Explorer is literally the synonym for the “childhood” word in the generation Z’s world — the show premiered back in 2000 and even so far seems to never have lost even the tiniest part of its popularity as the series ended only 14 years after its release.

The plot revolves around a Latina American girl Dora who, equipped with a purple backpack, travels around the forests accompanied by her monkey Boots and sometimes has to go through dangerous quests that often have to deal with thieving fox Swiper.

Thus, Dora the Explorer’s cultural impact has been once again confirmed 10 years later by the brand new CG-generated version landing on Paramount+ on April 12. This time the storyline will unfold in a rainforest which Dora and Boots will have to explore by using different kinds of transportation like flying animals or swinging vines.

The trailer that was released back in February also suggests that the characters will have to deal with a dangerous mission of flying across the canyon simultaneously trying to avoid obstacles created by Swiper.

Dora the Explorer will premiere on Paramount+ in the United States, the UK and Australia, with 20 episodes of the show being also released in France and Japan.