Back To The Future Was Ahead Of Its Time In One Surprising Way

Back To The Future Was Ahead Of Its Time In One Surprising Way
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Did Marty just do another off-screen stop for a music shop?

There are many keys to the success of Back to the Future, starting with a fantastic time travel idea and ending with the incredible directing of Robert Zemeckis.

The adventures of Marty McFly, portrayed by Michael J. Fox, and Emmet 'Doc' Brown, portrayed by Christopher Lloyd, have captivated millions of viewers and provided a strong foundation for two upcoming sequels.

It's no wonder that the franchise has been described as something ahead of its time, but that statement applies mostly to Back to the Future Part II, where Marty travels to the future.

We all remember how fun it was to compare the reality of 2015 with what was expected at the time of the movie's release. But even the first movie, set in the 50s, had a little spoiler from the future in it.

One of the most memorable scenes in the movie is Marty McFly playing his heart out on an electric guitar at his parents' high school dance.

Although the majority of the audience saw nothing particularly weird about this moment, focusing more on the music itself, some guitar enthusiasts noticed a small overlooked detail.

Marty was playing the Gibson ES-345 electric guitar, but that wouldn't have been possible in 1955... because it didn't exist.

This model was introduced in 1958, three years later.

Of course, this is just a funny detail that doesn't change the perception of the movie at all. Besides, this guitar scene is actually more significant than it seems.

Throughout his performance, Marty McFly pays tribute to the most impressive and influential guitarists over the years by using their moves.

If the guitar solo was not shocking enough for these high school students, the famous floor swirls of AC/DC's Angus Young were definitely a little too daring for the audience.

If you're up for a Back To The Future movie night, you can stream all the parts on Netflix, MAX, or Peacock TV.