Barbie Director Has 'Nightmares' Working on the Iconic $1.5B Franchise Reboot

Barbie Director Has 'Nightmares' Working on the Iconic $1.5B Franchise Reboot
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After the phenomenal success of Barbie, Greta Gerwig set off on a quest to revive a once popular but ultimately failed movie franchise, and she’s “terrified” of tackling it.

Everyone has their own fears — even in the movie industry.

Aspiring actors and directors are afraid they’ll keep bombing and won’t have their great breakthroughs. Acclaimed ones are mildly terrified of losing their grips and falling from the audience’s graces. Everyone in between, like one-show-famous folks, is uncomfortable with how unstable their position is.

And then, there’s Greta Gerwig whose terror is arguably larger than all of them.

Greta Gerwig released her breakthrough movie this summer, and it just so happened to become an insane cultural phenomenon that launched her into international stardom, earned an ungodly amount of money, and had her make history in several instances, including becoming the first-ever woman director whose movie passed the $1B mark.

Now, all eyes are on Greta Gerwig — and she can’t afford to slip. She’s terrified.

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Margot Robbie And Greta Gerwig

In an unexpected move, the director joined Netflix after reaping her rewards and awards for Barbie. Her new project? Oh, we’re glad you asked. Gerwig wants to reboot The Chronicles of Narnia, the $1.5B franchise that ultimately turned into a massive disappointment for the fans with the last movies. Ambitious? It sure is.

How does the director herself feel about it?

Recently, Greta Gerwig addressed this project at the BFI London Film Festival and admitted that “it’s hard” and she has “recurring nightmares” working on her new project. Admittedly, writing the script for The Chronicles of Narnia reboot right after the worldwide success of her previous work is putting immense pressure on the prodigy director.

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We can’t help but sympathize with Greta Gerwig on this one since it must be incredibly hard to feel the weight of such high expectations both from her previous movie and from the audience of the original Narnia audience. But after watching Barbie, we’re fairly certain she’ll make it work. Are you?

Will Gerwig continue her success spree?

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