'Barbie' Multiverse? Multiple Actors Will Reportedly Play Barbie and Ken in Upcoming Movie

Image credit: Warner Bros

Does everything have to be a multiverse these days?

Brace yourself for a yet another multiverse you never asked for: 'Barbie' is reportedly on track to have multiple actors playing not only the iconic doll, but also her boyfriend Ken.

According to the New York Times reporter Kyle Buchanan, rumors have been circulating at Cannes film festival that Margot Robbie will be joined by Issa Rae and Hari Nef as two other Barbies, while Ryan Gosling, Ncuti Gatwa and Simu Liu will portrays Kens.

And it looks like fans have some amazing title suggestions for this incredible and original idea.

They started it, not us.

While the majority of people reveled in multiverse jokes, others actually came by to say that they enjoyed the casting.

There is another Barbie-related report from The Sun citing an insider who claimed that Dua Lipa also landed a role in a big screen adaptation of the iconic doll's story. The outlet did not elaborate on the details about her character, though.

One has to keep in mind that these are still rumors and not something that has been officially confirmed. If they turn out to be true, we will all get to enjoy "the Barbie-verse" on big screens in 2023.

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