Before CGI Ruined Everything: 10 Best 1990s Sci-Fi Movies, Ranked

Before CGI Ruined Everything: 10 Best 1990s Sci-Fi Movies, Ranked
Image credit: Warner Bros., Gaumont

The '90s were one of the best decades for sci-fi movies: the ideas were fresh, the directors were creative, and the tropes were not that heavily established, so this era allowed lots of interesting worlds to thrive.

If anything, some of the sci-fi movies from this decade became the foundation for the newest successful works.

Two key elements, aside from the influx of new faces, helped the sci-fi genre advance in the '90s: the world was in a very shaky state and the technologies were on the rise.

The former aspect brought many interesting, albeit fatalistic, ideas to the table; the latter contributed not only to the production of the movies, helping the filmmakers bring their vision to the screens in more fidelity than before, but also added a bit of a concern about technological advancements and their placement in human lives to the plot.

The movie that embodies the whole vibe of the '90s sci-fi is The Matrix, and watching it 25 years later still feels exciting despite some of the ideas being a bit outdated.

But the way these movies mixed sci-fi with action and delivered an undeniably entertaining experience to the viewers is something that is nearly unreplicatable.