Before They Were Famous: 10 Band of Brothers Actors Who Made It Big

Before They Were Famous: 10 Band of Brothers Actors Who Made It Big
Image credit: Legion-Media

HBO's monumental period drama shook the world when it debuted in 2001, and its impact hasn't waned since. Critics and fans alike still call this WWII story one of the best miniseries of all time, and all of the main cast members have gone on to incredible Hollywood careers.

Here are 10 Band of Brothers actors who have capitalized on the show's success:

Yes, Jimmy Fallon was actually on the show! The popular talk show host and comedian once tried to get into serious acting, and having a major role in "Band of Brothers" certainly helped him gain some credibility as a real actor. However, Fallon has apparently decided to focus on hosting, and seeing how popular he is right now, we can't really blame him.

But even the idea of Fallon rubbing shoulders with the likes of Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Damian Lewis will surely bring some new viewers to this great war drama.

"The Band of Brothers casting director should rightfully be remembered as one of the top people working in the industry, as assembling such an incredible cast, with most of the leads going on to become Hollywood A-listers, is surely one of the most impressive feats in the television industry, even all these years later.