Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Are Back Together For The Upcoming Nike Film

Image credit: Legion-Media

The legendary Hollywood bromance, last seen in Ridley Scott's 'The Last Duel', will return to our screens in an upcoming sports drama about Nike's pursuit of Michael Jordan.

Longtime friends and collaborators, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck appeared in many films together ('Dogma', 'Chasing Amy', etc.) and even won an Oscar back in the day for their 'Good Will Hunting' screenplay. Every new joint effort from them is eagerly anticipated by fans, anxious to know what their favorite friends are cooking up together.

In the untitled film, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck will play the roles of two Nike executives who try to convince Jordan to join their company, eventually leading to the creation of Air Jordans. The film will be written by a duo and helmed by Affleck, who will be directing Damon for the first time in a feature film. The movie will be produced by Amazon Studios and is sure to be an Oscar hopeful for the streaming giant.

Further details are yet to be disclosed, but it looks like fans are all in for the upcoming basketball biopic.

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