Best Thriller of 2022 Is Yet to Convince Netflix Viewers It Deserves Its 100% on Tomatometer

Best Thriller of 2022 Is Yet to Convince Netflix Viewers It Deserves Its 100% on Tomatometer
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The viewers now seem to be in a total disagreement with the critics.


  • A 2022 Mexican thriller received quite a warm welcome from the critics upon its release and eventually ended up with perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • The movie has been recently dropped on Netflix — and, despite all the expectations, the platform’s viewers don’t seem to be on the same side with the critics.
  • Despite its controversial position right now, the film’s rating isn’t that affected as it may seem.

Sometimes being released on Netflix doesn’t necessarily mean getting all the most positive attention — and one of the steaming service’s recent drops proves it like nothing else.

A Mexican thriller Disappear Completely was initially released back in 2022 with the highest praises coming from the critics — now that the film is more accessible to viewers via Netflix, its impeccable position may be significantly undermined.

The movie’s plot follows an ambitious crime photographer Santiago who, after having made and published several horrifying photos, becomes a victim of a mysterious spell that makes him lose all of his five senses one by one.

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However, while losing his normal abilities, the character acquires a new one — he can now see dead people’s ghosts. As it turns out, only supernatural creatures will be able to help him find a culprit standing behind sinister murders and also break the curse.

The movie’s original idea made quite an impression among the professional critics — and, shortly after being released, Disappear Completely ended up with a fantastic score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Now that the film is getting all the attention of Netflix’s viewers, its reputation may be ruined as many of the latter ones don’t seem to agree with the industry’s professionals.

Though Disappear Completely landed on Netflix only on April 12, it already got a big slap with 60% of the score from the audience. The reviews and even their amount also go in a contrast as the film’s initial perfect rating was based on only 8 reviews while the audience’s rating is based on a bit less than 50 opinions.

The film’s controversial position right now can only be explained by the fact that both critics and viewers have radically different things as their objects while giving their reviews.

The former ones care much more about the movie’s direction, screenplay and performances provided by the actors while the latter ones judge by how interesting the film was for them in general.

Despite all that, Disappear Completely with 60% instead of 100 isn’t a loser even according to Rotten Tomatoes — the website still ranks the movie as “fresh” anyway.