Better Call Saul: 5 Worst Things Jimmy Did on the Show

Better Call Saul: 5 Worst Things Jimmy Did on the Show
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While Jimmy McGill is a charming lawyer, let’s admit he is a downright bad person.

In Better Call Saul, Jimmy McGill, who later becomes Saul Goodman, is a complex character of shrewd intelligence, charm, and a knack for bending the rules.

Throughout the series, you start to notice Jimmy making some pretty shady acts as he slowly slides into that morally gray territory where he eventually becomes the Saul Goodman we all know from Breaking Bad.

Defecating Through a Sunroof

Yep, you read that right. This was mentioned as a shocking and inappropriate act committed by Jimmy. Yes, it’s fun, but it is equally gross.

Jimmy sought revenge against a person named Chet by defecating through the sunroof of Chet’s car. Unfortunately, Chet's children were in the backseat, leading to serious legal repercussions for Jimmy and nearly making him a registered sex offender.

Betrayal and Theft

Jimmy's been slippery since his younger days. He used to work at his dad's shop, where he saw his dad being scammed by con artists. This led Jimmy to start stealing from the till, which contributed to the shop's closure and his dad's demise.

Manipulating Irene

This one's a heartbreaker. Irene was a sweet, trusting elderly lady, and Jimmy manipulated her to win a lawsuit settlement. He turned her friends against her by making them think she was selfish, leading to her loneliness. Not cool, Jimmy.

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Pushing Howard

Jimmy, along with Kim Wexler, hatched a plan to systematically destroy Howard Hamlin. This scheme marked a point of no return for Jimmy and Kim, with Howard's death having a profound impact on both characters and symbolizing Jimmy's complete transformation into Saul Goodman.

Working for Walter White

While not directly part of Better Call Saul, Jimmy’s involvement with Walter White eventually led to Saul Goodman’s downfall. A whole sequence of events orchestrated by Jimmy leads to Walter White becoming Heisenberg, and it was Jimmy’s biggest mistake.