'Better Call Saul' Connects Lalo and Howard to 'Breaking Bad'

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It is a rather disturbing way to connect, though.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Better Call Saul' season 6 episode 8

Don't we love it when a prequel connects to its sequel in a beautiful story loop that makes everything fall in place? Yeah, well, how about sprinkling it with something disturbing at the same time? Because that's precisely what 'Better Call Saul' did in episode 8, adding a layer to the iconic 'Breaking Bad' laboratory that will certainly make it hit different when you give the show another watch.

Episode 8 has us dealing with the aftermath of Howard's death, with Lalo, Jimmy and Kim making things look like Howard has committed suicide. However, Gus manages to end up killing Lalo and have him and Howard buried at the… superlab site.

Oh yes, that same site where the events of 'Breaking Bad' are going to be taking place.

This crazy story loop had fans hardly managing to wrap their minds around the fact that pretty much every sequence from the superlab is now somewhat featuring Howard and Lalo if you think about it.

Even those who expected the twist were surprised.

"I was expecting Lalo to get buried there. Howard was a surprise. It does give BB that little extra something when they are in the lab." – @MusialFan73.

Oh, the mysteries this plot twist actually solves!

"So, when the lab is blown up in the end of Breaking Bad, they will be able to close the unsolved case of a missing Howard Hamlin. Who knows what the forensics will make of finding Lalo the second time around." – @BCAri2016.

The superlab was destroyed in a massive fire after Gus' death in 'Breaking Bad' season 4. In fact, you can now have a truly exciting experience of rewatching 'Breaking Bad', but with the knowledge of all details that 'Better Call Saul' appears to disclose.

Still, 'Better Call Saul' is not over: there are five more episodes to conclude part 2 of season 6. The season finale is due to premiere on August 15, and we won't even try to guess how many more disturbing details and 'Breaking Bad' flashbacks we are about to receive.

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