'Better Call Saul' Finale Could've Been Even Darker

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If you were sad having to say goodbye to 'Better Call Saul', consider yourself lucky: the original version of the finale would have you bawling your eyes out now.

'Better Call Saul' finale was, by far, one of the best final episodes in TV history, settling almost every question fans of the series had and leaving just enough space open for some future installments without ending on an obvious cliffhanger. One of the best moments in the entire final episode was a scene with Bob Odenkirk's Jimmy and Rhea Seehorn's Kim sharing a cigarette – just like they did in the very beginning of the show. This scene, however bittersweet, once again reminded the viewers of the love these two characters shared, bringing the story to a nearly perfect conclusion.

Sitting down with IndieWire to talk about that final episode, 'Better Call Saul' creator Peter Gould revealed that originally a much darker ending was planned for the series. Instead of Jimmy and Kim sharing a cigarette it was just Jimmy in the very last scene, all alone and thinking about what his life has become – but, in the end, Gould felt it was just a bit too different in tone, a bit too cold and hopeless.

"When we first broke this episode, the two of them were meeting in Albuquerque before he went to prison. The last scene was him in prison by himself, thinking. I liked that a lot, but it seemed a little cold. Ultimately, we all felt like ending with the two of them felt like the strongest way to go. In the original version, he was fearful about what was going to happen to him in prison and it was a lot about the fear. This is a very different scene. It's mostly about connection, and a wistful connection."

Fans already praised 'Better Call Saul' for giving them one of the best possible endings, perfectly bittersweet but with that sense of hope Gould ultimately was going for.

"Ironically enough, this is probably the purest that Jimmy's ever been. Him having hope and reconnecting with Kim on his first actual path to redemption was beautiful. Sad undertones, but a somehow "happy" ending regardless. Jimmy may be in prison, but he found his soul." – /ViolentDiplomat

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