Better Call Saul' Gets Snubbed by the Emmys, Leaving Fans Furious

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'Better Call Saul' was absolutely ignored at the 2022 Emmy Awards, which caused a huge backlash from fans of the series who consider it to be the best show of our time.

Fans' unhappiness has many reasons. Some are frustrated that the voters don't appreciate the show's subtlety and depth, while favoring 'Euphoria', which, though more drama-heavy, is nowhere near as good as 'Better Call Saul'. The latter is far more complex in its narration; it was perfectly illustrated by the scenes unusual by the modern TV standards and a specific kind of a movie editing.

"The judges and whoever else frankly, don’t care enough about it because it’s not exactly a flashy kind of show. Euphoria, for example, has sex and violence and steamy kind of drama that excites people. However, Better Call Saul is ten times the show that Euphoria is. It’s just very subtle in its storytelling. There’s a 4 minute montage of ants eating a dropped ice cream cone." - /MMLawlor13

Some viewers believe that this bad luck of the series was influenced by the personal attitude of the Emmy voters towards the cast, because none of the supporting actors was even nominated. Fans are so enamored with the acting that they can't believe that 'Better Call Saul's lack of nominations in acting categories is just a coincidence.

"I think it's jealousy on the part of academy members. Not one...NOT ONE of the superb supporting actors on BCS were even nominated. (Don't get me started on Nacho...) And how did they not get nominated for cinematography? I mean, seriously? The show is too good in every possible way." - /Affectionate_Air7373

However, many fans of 'Better Call Saul' are not surprised at all that their favorite show is once again left without awards. These viewers seem to have already lost all respect for the Emmy voters, especially after 'Game of Thrones' season 8 won the Best Drama award.

"Is anyone really surprised? Better Call Saul has been the best show on television for the last 3 years and been totally ignored during that time in favor of things that were good at best. Why anyone expected that to change is beyond me. Emmy's lost all credibility anyway when they gave GOT season 8 best drama. If you think it's snubbing them and screwing the actual best performers out of honors, STOP WATCHING." - /KoriJenkins

According to the audience, the voters undeservedly give awards to more hyped shows, focusing only on superficial criteria when distributing awards. It looks like 'Better Call Saul' won't see the number of nominations it deserves in the coming year either, especially in light of 'House of the Dragon', a 'Game of Thrones' prequel, entering already brutal enough competition.

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