Better Call Saul Isn’t The Only Bob Odenkirk Gem That Never Got Enough Credit

Better Call Saul Isn’t The Only Bob Odenkirk Gem That Never Got Enough Credit
Image credit: AMC, Netflix

You definitely missed this vibe!


  • John Wick creator Derek Kolstad made this action-packed movie in 2021.
  • Bob Odenkirk plays the lead role of the film in a new amplitude that most fans didn't recognize.
  • The movie should have been more popular than it was.

When hearing Bob Odenkirk’s name, it’s almost obvious that the first pictures that come to mind are from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. He really made a great name in those two shows and proved that he is one of the best dramatic actors on today’s television.

Indeed, playing Saul Goodman was a tough job, considering the fact that the character was full of everything: he was a criminal and the good guy, the awkward guy and the one who will make your problems go away in a clap. He was everything, but this everything had a limit, though.

However, what the fans of both series never thought Odenkirk will do is to participate in an action-packed movie as a real terror bringer.

So when it was announced that he was about to play the leading role in a movie Nobody written by John Wick creator Derek Kolstad, the fans were really intrigued to see how that would work out for him.

Needless to say, the movie was a success, largely because of the actor's brilliant performance. Odenkirk's character, Hutch Mansell, was an honest and likable family man who really cared about his loved ones. He looks almost like an angel and nothing like the dangerous, powerful man he really appeared to be.

As it was later revealed, Hutch has a big secret: he used to be an assassin for the government. After taking down a thug, he draws the anger of a powerful Russian mobster. As expected, fistfights and shootouts ensue.

Many viewers compared the movie to John Wick, but ended up with the conclusion that Odenkirk’s portrayal of the revenge man doing all the action was actually warmer. And despite it being an action drama, the actor brought some funny moments in it too.

“In the way that Keanu really made the John Wick movies so great, Bob Odenkirk just makes this movie so awesome. Revenge movies are kind of a dime a dozen but the actors in these two really set them apart in my opinion,” Redditor chrisball96 said.

Of course, there’s no way Nobody would beat the Wick franchise, but it was still a success. With the budget of $16 million, the movie made $57 million worldwide.

Nobody is available to stream on Netflix.