'Better Call Saul' S6E9 Heartbreaking Scene Leaves Fans Worried About Kim Wexler

'Better Call Saul' S6E9 Heartbreaking Scene Leaves Fans Worried About Kim Wexler
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This show is just merciless to fans' hearts.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Better Call Saul ' season 6 episode 9

'Fun and Games', the ninth episode of 'Better Call Saul' season 6, was in fact no fun and games for fans, who got to witness the final transformation of Jimmy McGill into Saul Goodman. And boy was this transformation emotional and heart-wrenching.

It turns out that Kim Wexler breaking up with Jimmy was something that made him "enter his Saul arc", as some fans put it. Not only was the break-up a heartbreaking scene, but also it allowed an additional layer to the world of 'Breaking Bad '.

But now fans are worried about Kim, as her emotional break-up speech seemed way too much like her final performance in the show.

"Even though Jimmy and Kim ended things, I can't help but be worried about her fate still. That said, who knows...maybe she makes an appearance in the Gene era. Perhaps that's what it's building to but we'll see as it comes." – @forever_gf618.

Some people already predict what may happen to Wexler.

"I bet she gets killed by the Kettlemans. Otherwise, why bring them back?" – @gorncruiser.

But others don't even seem to worry. In fact, they are almost eager to see how Wexler deals with the consequences of her decisions.

"I'm sorry but Kim has to go, the streets demand that she pays. For too long she has straddled both sides of the law. Getting a guy off for drunk driving or making an assault charge go away is one thing. But when your business intertwines with the cartel, blood must flow." – @jabba2711.

A lot of people believe that Kim actually deserves something bad to happen to her. When she was breaking up with Jimmy – now officially Saul Goodman – many people accused her of gaslighting. Others still don't seem to have forgiven her for killing Howard.

Still, it would seem that Wexler's move gave us a Saul Goodman we know: living in a mansion, driving his signature Cadillac DeVille, and owning an office that looks just like the one we remember from 'Breaking Bad'.

But it's unlikely that Kim and Jimmy's breakup is the most emotional scene of the season, as there are still four episodes remaining until the story is over. The show's finale is set to premiere on August 15.