Between Gotham Knights and Superman & Lois, Fans Know Exactly What The CW Should Cancel

Between Gotham Knights and Superman & Lois, Fans Know Exactly What The CW Should Cancel
Image credit: The CW

Only one show will survive.

It was recently confirmed that The CW has canceled its Supernatural spin-off The Winchesters after one season.

The Jensen Ackles-produced series will now be sold to other networks, and the actor has already begun encouraging fans to #SaveTheWinchesters.

It comes at a time when the network is going through a major change, with the vast majority of scripted TV shows being canceled in an attempt to save money.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that "the network will likely opt to bring only one of the two DC shows back."

Superman & Lois has a large audience, averaging 1.2 million viewers compared to Gotham Knights ' 675,000, but it costs significantly more to produce.

Given that the studio is trying to save money, one would think that if they had to choose between the two shows, they would choose Gotham Knights, which is cheaper. However, the fans are of the opposite opinion.

Gotham Knights was panned by critics and fans alike.

Many viewers didn't like the cheap-looking costumes and the overall plot.

Gotham Knights looks like The CW's latest attempt to recapture the magic of the Arrowverse, but the new show is so cheaply made and poorly conceived that it's still surprising to many how it's staying afloat.

This is backed up by information from The Hollywood Reporter, which reports that Gotham Knights is the cheapest DC show in history.

On the other hand, Superman & Lois has an incomparably higher quality and a large fan base that cares about the fate of their favorite series.

The show uses enemies of Superman that viewers have not yet seen on the big screen, such as Parasite and Morgan Edge, which further increases interest in the series.

In addition, Superman & Lois has not yet told all of its stories and has not completed several arcs.

At first glance, saving Gotham Knights seems like the most constructive and cost-effective solution for the studio.

However, given the fans' love for Superman & Lois and the show's incomparably higher ratings, its cancellation could cause the overlapping audiences of the two shows to turn away from Gotham Knights, further hurting its ratings.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter