Binge the Cringe: 5 Shows We Know Aged Poorly But Still Rewatch

Binge the Cringe: 5 Shows We Know Aged Poorly But Still Rewatch
Image credit: NBC

And it feels good.

Do you also feel that today's shows are a little too carefully crafted? That the writers sometimes spend too much time thinking about every joke that will appear on our screens? That the dark comedy is no longer what it used to be and has become a tad lighter?

Well, for those who think that sort of thing, there's a perfect way to live: just binge watch your favorite old cringe-worthy shows non-stop! And it gets even better when you find an extended version of the series.

Here's the list of sitcoms that cringe us to the core, but there's no way we're going to stop rewatching them.

1. The Office

Where to stream: Netflix

Were there any other ideas which series would open this cringeworthy list? We don’t think so. If you forgot, the series revolves around the quirky employees of Dunder Mifflin paper company branch in Scranton.

The manager of the branch, Michael Scott, is the most ill-suited person for the position, but somehow he manages. Most of all, he wants to be loved by his co-workers and that makes him do crazy things. The stories also focus on Dwight, Jim, Pam, Angela and other characters who are also absolutely disastrous.

There are so many inappropriate storylines, scenes and single jokes in the 9 season series that it's actually impossible to believe that it was okay back then. Scott’s Tots and The Dinner Party are our all-time favorite episodes.

2. Seinfeld

Where to stream: Netflix

The famous show where nothing really happens. Seinfeld has four central characters and a bunch of side characters as quirky as the main ones.

Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer’s everyday shenanigans seemed so far away from ordinary people’s routine, that every episode that had to be about nothing turned into something so awful you sometimes just wanted to close your eyes and forget everything.

There are so many terrible things going on in the show that you can’t stop cringing while watching, but at the same time, the desire to see whatever stupid thing they are going to do next is so strong that you just keep watching it till the end. And then – start over again…

3. The Big Bang Theory

Where to stream: Prime

You might think that we just added all your favorite sitcoms here because we hate them, but no, it's quite the opposite: it's the unconditional love for all the weird stuff that makes us watch these shows over and over again, and while it may not be obvious (for those who haven't watched the show), The Big Bang Theory relies heavily on cringey stuff.

Remember sleazy Howard from the early seasons? We believe that’s something that is impossible to forget. And all the jokes made about nerds and all the misogynistic ways to portray women of the show…

4. Parks and Recreation

Where to stream: Prime

Another popular sitcom that didn't age well is Parks and Recreation. Although the fans of it say that it gets better after the first (and the shortest) season, it still is a cringeworthy show at least because it has Leslie Knope and actually revolves around the everyday lives of the employees of Parks and Rec department. Ever heard of one in your town?

5. Friends

Where to stream: Netflix

While we wholeheartedly agree that the show is a cult classic that set the tone for many new things in the industry, it's still no surprise that the sitcom ends up on a list like this. It's hard to imagine characters more flawed than the show's six main characters, yet still appealing.

While there are absolutely dramatic episodes in the show's universe, like when Rachel and Ross fight over his infidelity or when Monica finds out she could never be a mother, there are still scenes like Ross in leather pants and Rachel in a cheerleader uniform... which we like rewatching over and over again!