Bizarre ‘Apocalypse in Hollywood’ Movie with 82% Critic Score Drops on Netflix

Bizarre ‘Apocalypse in Hollywood’ Movie with 82% Critic Score Drops on Netflix
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What if several top-tier Hollywood celebrities were stuck in the middle of an apocalypse? Real-life celebrities, mind you — and they’re waiting for you on Netflix.

Apocalypse has been on humans’ minds since the dawn of time, and the longer we exist, the more ways of going out holding hands we imagine… And invent.

Aliens, zombies, wars, natural disasters, viruses, and whatnot — there’s an apocalypse scenario for every taste. But if something like that happens, we everyday folks won’t be the only ones affected: famous actors and singers will be onboard, too.

This Is the End Entertains Fresh Ideas

So, what would it look like — an apocalypse in Hollywood? We’ve seen the military, the scientists, and civilians deal with the threat of extinction, but how would those living in the biggest mansions fare? Apparently, not too well: the one movie that entertains such an idea shows just how screwed the rich and famous would be.

This Is the End grabbed a bunch of top-tier Hollywood celebrities and had them play themselves while throwing a terrifying apocalypse onto them. James Franco, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Michael Cera, Emma Watson, Rihanna, Channing Tatum, Kevin Hart, even the entire Backstreet Boys ensemble, and many other celebrities gather at Franco’s house to try and survive whatever is going on outside.

But that could very well be the least of their problems, because a bunch of stressed out celebrities don’t work well together, and conflicts emerge very soon.

This Is the End Finally Joined Netflix

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Despite its ridiculous premise, This Is the End proved to be a more-than-decent apocalypse comedy and raked up solid scores: on Rotten Tomatoes, critics and audience gave it 82 and 71%, respectively, and on IMDb, the movie sits at 6.6.

After over a decade since its premiere, This Is the End finally joined Netflix; apart from that, you can watch the movie on Max, Apple TV, and Prime Video. If you’ve always wondered what your favorite stars are like in real life, this is your film — everyone is playing an exaggerated version of themselves and having a lot of fun.