'Blonde' Fiasco: Here's What's Wrong With Netflix's Take on Marilyn Monroe

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However brilliant Ana de Armas might be in that role, there's still at least one glaring mistake.

On Thursday, Netflix released the trailer for its cinematic take on Marilyn Monroe's life. The movie is titled 'Blonde', with Ana de Armas in the titular role. Despite using the story of Monroe, the film is not going to follow her biography, as it is rather a "reimagining" of the diva's life than a documentary.

However, there seems to be a problem for many social media users with the casting of Ana de Armas. While many people acknowledge that she is a great actress, they argue that signing her up for the role was not the best decision.

What angered many was de Armas' Spanish accent – something that the actress, according to those frustrated with the trailer, has failed to hide.

"I like Armas a lot but she was miscast in this role. I know a lot of actors can change their voice and even hide their accents. She tries but hers is still noticeable." – @swampveteran

Given that Marilyn Monroe did not have a Spanish accent, a lot of people deemed it to be an interpretation that is way too frivolous.

Besides, some social media users argued that Hollywood has already had enough "exploiting" Monroe.

They called for the studios to come up with something new instead of addressing classic stories or reimagining the lives of the previous century's icons.

Still, many people are ready to give the upcoming movie a chance solely because of de Armas' performance.

"I like Ana and the trailer looks good, yet I can't help but see it as a Latin Marilyn. I mean, with Spider-Man, why not… But a real person? Might work on a stage, but cinema is a different beast. That said, I'll watch it, and probably for Ana. Cultural/commercial paradox." – @AlexSabMtl

With the movie's slogan being "Watched by all. Seen by none", there is a tentative hope that this time, there will be more to the film than just praising Monroe as a legendary sex symbol.

'Blonde' has Andrew Dominik as the director who is set to adapt a legendary novel of the same name written by Joyce Carol Oates. One of the most attention-grabbing – and, naturally, controversial – things about Netflix's upcoming adaptation is its rating, NC-17. Judging by the rating, it would be reasonable to expect 'Blonde' to delve into the sultriest details of Marilyn Monroe's life.

Still, it is important to keep in mind that Oates' novel is described by the author as fiction, which is why the movie cannot be considered a biopic.

'Blonde' is set to release on Netflix on September 28.

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