Blue Bloods Cast Made A Very Special Cake For Tom Selleck's 79th Birthday

Blue Bloods Cast Made A Very Special Cake For Tom Selleck's 79th Birthday
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On January 29, the Commish celebrated his birthday, and his colleagues went out of their way to make this Cake Day special for their friend and on-screen boss.


  • Tom Selleck recently celebrated his 79th birthday with his Blue Bloods co-stars.
  • Selleck’s castmates ordered a great Blue Bloods-themed cake for him that Abigail Hawk showed on Instagram.
  • It was most likely the actor’s last birthday “on duty” as Tom Selleck plans on retiring after Blue Bloods finale.

Tom Selleck has always been the heart and soul of Blue Bloods. His portrayal of the wise and kind-hearted Commissioner with an acute sense of justice endeared the actor’s fans and co-stars alike, making him the most beloved man on the show. On January 29, Tom Selleck celebrated his 79th birthday together with his colleagues.

Blue Bloods Cast Made Tom Selleck A Thematic Cake

Apparently, the legendary TV show actor spent at least a part of his birthday on the set with his Blue Bloods co-stars. Thanks to his personality, Tom Selleck is adored by his castmates who even ordered a special cake for their on-screen boss’s Cake Day. Made in the colors of the show, it featured many on-brand Blue Bloods details.

The cake business was presumably orchestrated by Abigail Hawk (Abigail Baker on Blue Bloods) who shared the pictures of the celebration and the tasty treat on her Instagram. “Happiest birthday, boss. We’re the luckiest!” Hawk wrote in her post. In the comment section, dozens of fans joined in with congratulations for Selleck and compliments to the Commissioner’s beautiful birthday cake.

Tom Selleck’s Next Birthday Will Be In Retirement

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Most likely, it was the last Cake Day the Commish spent on the set of Blue Bloods — or any set, for that matter. Blue Bloods is officially wrapping up with Season 14, and seeing that Tom Selleck is now on the way to his 80th anniversary, reports suggest that the actor plans on retiring after filming the finale of his hit police show.

By his 80th birthday, Tom Selleck plans on being on his ranch with his family, leading a relaxed and peaceful life away from the spotlight. This sounds like something the actor has long deserved, and it made the celebration of his 79th birthday with his Blue Bloods co-stars all the more special. We don’t think Tom Selleck will forget his gorgeous cake!