Blue Bloods Fans Reveal Joe Hill's Biggest Problem

Blue Bloods Fans Reveal Joe Hill's Biggest Problem
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Joe Hill came into the Reagans' lives fairly recently: for us viewers, he's only been around for three seasons which is not much either.

Joe's got one hell of a character and seems to try his best at work, clearly struggling with the fact that he's not a "real" Reagan. He definitely wants to become one of them but it's not so easy.

Even the family dinners are a clear indication of his position: while Joe's welcome there, he's never obliged to come. He knows it, and his desire to prove himself to the Reagans often makes him do dumb things, getting him into trouble.

In a recent Reddit discussion, Blue Bloods fans managed to understand what Joe Hill's biggest problem is. And it's not that he's just dumb and rash as many viewers (and some of the Reagans) tend to think.

Obviously, as stated, Joe's desire to blend in with the rest of the "real" family pushes him a lot, but he's also his father's son.

Joe Reagan, his father, was also a police officer known for his temper and not being able to tell the difference between being fearless and being reckless.

Even though Joe Jr. didn't know him, he definitely inherited quite a few traits from him. Frank noticed that Hill had the same mannerisms as his father shortly after meeting him.

It didn't go unnoticed by Danny and Jaime, too: Danny suggested that Joe Hill might have had the same blind spots as Joe Reagan, and he turned out right.

Had they not been expecting that, it's highly unlikely they would've been able to save Hill when the arms trafficking went south.

The thing with Joe Hill is, since he wasn't part of the Reagans family all these years, he doesn't really know where the line is drawn.

Jamie doesn't even approach that line; Danny's playing with it and around it; but they both instinctively know where it is. Joe, on the other hand, doesn't even see it, so he always rushed head-on right into it.

We can only hope that after all this time with the Reagans, Joe will learn the difference. It would be nice for the family as they'll be able to stop worrying about getting him out of trouble…

And it'd be especially nice for him: this exact character he inherited was what killed his father, Joe Sr.