Blue Bloods Needs More Baker As Fans Rate Her Second Right After Frank Reagan

Blue Bloods Needs More Baker As Fans Rate Her Second Right After Frank Reagan
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When it comes to non-Reagan characters, Blue Bloods doesn't show them as much love and screen time, but that never stopped Baker from becoming the fan favorite.

Abigail Baker is largely adored by the Blue Bloods community: most of the fans want more storylines and overall screen time for her.

Abigail's been around since the start of the first season, and we've all seen her develop — especially when it comes to her relationship with Frank Reagan, her boss (and everyone else's).

The Commissioner and his assistant have been working together for years, and they're definitely a great team at that, but they're also feeling each other on a whole different level than all the others.

Frank and Abigail can literally communicate without saying a single word, and it's one of the funniest gags in Blue Bloods.

Whenever someone is leaving the Commissioner's office and closing the door, Baker throws a silent glance over at her boss, and it says everything she thinks.

He replies with a grimace of his own, and this sneaky interaction can often say more than words ever could.

It's funny how the two characters that work together the most developed the most emotionally-charged stares: both Frank Reagan and Abby Baker are known for them.

The fans love the dynamic of their relationship on its own, but their facial expressions only add to the mix of why this duo is so fan-adored.

However great Baker and her silent stares are, they still lose to the Commissioner himself: fans believe that Frank Reagan's expression is the most famous and hard-going.

When Frank has a lot on his hands and mind, he has that special concerned look, pursing his lips and breathing in, and you immediately know something serious is either going on or is about to happen.

His killing stare is not to mess with, too!

But Abigail Baker comes very close: the Blue Bloods fans believe that she's got the second most iconic facial expression in the entire show.

Her mimics are so hilarious some fans even admit that every time someone leaves Frank's office and Baker stares at him, it just cracks them up for a solid minute.

Abigail coming second after the Commissioner in this regard is far from her biggest achievement: the Blue Bloods community loves her, and it's not the first time we write about it.

We can only hope we get to see Baker get more time under the spotlights in the upcoming season 14!