Blue Bloods Ruined One of Its Best Characters, But Season 14 Can Fix That

Blue Bloods Ruined One of Its Best Characters, But Season 14 Can Fix That
Image credit: CBS

In the Blue Bloods series, Jaime is among the most beloved characters for many fans. However, some people say that he was ruined over time and that Jaime now is way worse than he used to be back in the day.

When Jaime was a rookie, he felt like a real person: deep, interesting, and lifelike. His relationship issues were relatable, and whatever he had to face felt very real and engaging.

Remember season 2, when he had to go undercover while still being borderline a newbie? And what about all the Blue Templar drama? Yep, those were the days… He was everybody's favorite, and the fact that he was so different from other family members made him truly unique.

Obviously, Jaime couldn't remain a rookie forever, but instead of actual character development, he began evolving into something completely different, and then at some point, even that stopped. After changing so much, he lost his character and depth and became way too one-dimensional, some fans say.

Sure, being a boss suits him quite a lot: he's not a guy that gets caught up in trying to be everyone's buddy, and he knows what he wants and how he wants it. On one hand, some may think that it brings even more charm to the character, being the peak of his development, but on the other hand… Since when does he know everything so indisputably?

Now that he's all bossy, it seems that he has everything figured out. Jaime doesn't face issues that require contemplation anymore, he doesn't feel the need to define who he is inside and outside of the family, which was always so important for him. He's static and stuck as a character.

Questioning and contemplating was always such a crucial trait of Jaime that he feels like a completely different person now that it's gone. And it's not character development, mind you: he's just become frozen in time in a state he was never supposed to be in.

The only way to fix this issue that I can imagine is by focusing more attention on Jaime and showing what's going on inside of him, according to fans. Which would make perfect sense since we all want more Jaime on our screens anyway!