Blue Bloods Stars Confirm What We Already Knew About Selleck's On Set Behavior

Blue Bloods Stars Confirm What We Already Knew About Selleck's On Set Behavior
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Tom Selleck is the ultimate father figure.

Blue Bloods is beloved by viewers for its positive messages about family, loyalty, and justice, coupled with compelling storylines and dynamic characters portrayed by an iconic cast. From their often intertwined storylines to the intense emotion of their scenes, the cast has been integral to the success of Blue Bloods.

The heart and soul of the fictional Reagan family is undoubtedly its patriarch, Frank Reagan, played by legendary actor Tom Selleck.

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And, according to the cast, Selleck is in no way inferior to his fictional counterpart. Just as the Reagan clan thrives on the strength, love and support of its patriarch, the cast of Blue Bloods is able to be their best on set because of Selleck's leadership.

"Tom is a leader himself. He is a very experienced, very smart guy," Donnie Wahlberg, who plays the eldest Reagan sibling, Danny, told Outsider.

The actor added that he and Selleck have a challenging but interesting and inspiring dynamic on set.

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The actors, who share quite a few scenes, are both committed to showing real emotion on screen and often have different opinions about how to do that. So they have to find a balance and listen to each other like a real family.

"It is very truthful off-screen as it is on-screen for Danny and Frank," Wahlberg said.

The actor has said more than once that Tom Selleck has become a father figure to him over the years. Wahlberg, who comes from a large family, explained in an interview with The Huffington Post that when he first saw the script, he loved the show's focus on family and saw his own father in Frank. Apparently, Selleck also sees his children in his co-stars.

"I call him dad now, and he calls me son," Wahlberg told Entertainment Tonight. "I mean, that's how we talk to each other off-camera."

The situation seems to be similar for other actors playing the Reagan siblings. Will Estes, who portrays Frank's youngest son, Jamie Reagan, told Smashing Interviews that Selleck's experience, immense skill and talent made him the leader on the set.

"I am a fan of [Tom Selleck] and have become more of a fan since I've been working with him. Tom is a consummate professional and the best leader you could hope to have. I've learned a lot from him already," Estes said.