Brad Pitt's Highest-Earning Movie Only Features Him for 2 Seconds, but Why?

Brad Pitt's Highest-Earning Movie Only Features Him for 2 Seconds, but Why?
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One of the most iconic Hollywood A-listers doesn’t exactly steal any scenes in his most successful movie… You could even say he’s invisible in it, and here’s why.

When it comes to track records, Brad Pitt has quite a stellar resume to brag about.

Undeniably, the actor’s always been a prodigy, and he’s one of the best performers of his generation, so you’d expect his movies to do phenomenally at the box office merely because of his presence, right? Well, that’s not exactly true.

You see, most people think that Brad Pitt’s highest-grossing movie was World War Z: this film famously earned over $540M on a production budget of $190M and earned the most out of all zombie movies ever.

This statement is only half-correct, though, since World War Z is Brad Pitt’s highest-grossing movie where he was the lead actor.

The actual champion of all the A-lister’s films earned a staggering $765M, but there’s a twist: Brad Pitt only appeared in it for two seconds out of its two-hour duration!

Unlikely as it sounds, Brad Pitt’s highest-grossing movie was Deadpool 2, and yes, he was there. You might have not noticed him at all, because he — or rather, his character — was invisible for most of the time, and didn’t even speak.

Pitt himself only honors the audience with his appearance for two seconds, so he’s easy to miss.

Back when Deadpool 2 was released, no one even knew that the world-famous star was part of the movie, so the viewers were thoroughly surprised when he appeared on the screen — those who noticed it, anyway.

Unfortunately, during this two-second scene, Pitt’s character, The Vanisher, was electrocuted to death, so yikes.

This must have been the easiest gig in Brad Pitt’s life, including his starting years, but it also must have left the actor feeling funny.

When you have such a brilliant career, suddenly having the one movie you almost weren’t in as your highest-grossing feat ever must feel a little bit…well, either humiliating or hilarious.

Did you notice Pitt when watching Deadpool 2?

Source: Box Office Mojo