Breaking Bad Star Actually Knocked Aaron Paul Out While Filming the Iconic Scene

Breaking Bad Star Actually Knocked Aaron Paul Out While Filming the Iconic Scene
Image credit: AMC

This was the day Jesse Pinkman truly felt Tuco’s rage.

It’s hard to deny that Breaking Bad is one of the most intense TV dramas ever. The creators did a great job making the show seem real and at the same time really gripping story-wise.

But sometimes, the line between fiction and reality can blur, leading to unexpected and dangerous situations. One such incident involved Aaron Paul, who brilliantly portrayed Jesse Pinkman and received numerous awards for his performance.

In the episode titled Grilled from the show's second season, Jesse Pinkman and Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, find themselves in a perilous situation. They are kidnapped by the menacing drug lord, Tuco Salamanca, portrayed by Raymond Cruz.

The episode is intense, with Walt trying to poison Tuco and a subsequent violent confrontation between Tuco, Jesse, and Walt.

During one particularly intense fight scene, things took a turn for the worse. As scripted, Tuco throws Jesse through a screen door. However, the stunt didn't go as planned. Aaron Paul's head got caught in the wooden screen door, flipping him around and causing him to land hard.

Paul revealed on Reddit that Raymond Cruz, thinking that Aaron was just delivering a stellar performance, continued with the scene, kicking and beating him. Aaron, dazed and injured, tried to communicate that he was genuinely hurt, but his pleas were mistaken for acting.

The severity of the situation became clear when Aaron Paul passed out. The crew initially thought he was just "in the moment," but it soon became evident that he was genuinely injured. The medics rushed to his aid, shining a flashlight into his eyes to check his responsiveness.

Aaron, ever the professional, tried to continue with the scene, but his swelling eye and evident concussion made it clear that he needed medical attention. He was promptly taken to the hospital.

Why is this scene so iconic? Well, for many reasons. The biggest one is because It was the moment when we felt like Jesse could actually die, especially considering that he originally was supposed to be killed off in season 1. Luckily, he made it to the finale.

Source: Reddit