Brendan Fraser Fans Eager For Possible Sequel to Their Beloved Movie

Brendan Fraser Fans Eager For Possible Sequel to Their Beloved Movie
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The actor's co-star said she would love to work with him in a sequel.

With Brendan Fraser finally experiencing a career renaissance, winning the 95th Academy Awards in the Best Actor category for the psychological drama The Whale, fans are eager to see more of their beloved actor on the big screen.

After all, Brendan has had many memorable roles over the years, and with the recent turn of events, some of them might just get sequels.

The possibility became more real after Alicia Silverstone, who starred with Fraser in the 1999 American romantic comedy sci-fi film Blast from the Past, said she would love to reprise her role.

Silverstone was asked at a Clueless reunion panel at '90s Con if she would like to return to her role.

"With Brendan? I would do anything with Brendan. It was so much fun. I just saw Brendan after he won his Oscar and he's so cute.

He talked in his speech about how we all go through this really hard time and you have to grow and it's part of life that you struggle and then look what happened to him! So yes, I'm happy to do that," said the actress.

The film centers on Adam Webber (Brendan Fraser), who has lived his entire life in a Cold War-era fallout shelter built by his father after the family mistakes a plane crashing into their home for a Soviet nuclear attack.

When Adam leaves the bunker after 35 years, his innocence and lack of knowledge of the modern world puts him in all sorts of comedic situations.

Although the movie received a mixed reception, it eventually created its own fan base, with many viewers regretting how criminally underrated it is.

Despite the fact that the story was brought to a satisfying conclusion, fans are more than happy for a possible sequel.

"This really could be an interesting sequel, set in todays era, mom and dad stuck in the 50s, Adam and Eve the arguable vehicle of the in between with their millennial/gen z kids. I'd watch it," Reddit user team_pupNsuds95 said.

Although there are no official plans for a sequel, considering that most of the original cast is still around, it is quite possible that fans will see Brendan reprise his role.