Brian Cox Has Something Logan Roy-ish to Say About Joaquin Phoenix’s Latest Movie

Brian Cox Has Something Logan Roy-ish to Say About Joaquin Phoenix’s Latest Movie
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And no, he wasn’t joking.


  • Joaquin Phoenix ’s career is moving towards another big moment of accolades thanks to Todd Phillips’ upcoming sequel about Joker, but the actor’s previous role is still getting a lot of backlash even from fellow actors.
  • While attending HistFest last week, the Succession actor Brian Cox couldn’t resist from expressing his harsh opinion about the movie itself and Phoenix’s role.
  • Brian Cox is among many people who have already pointed out the movie’s numerous flaws regarding its historical accuracy.

With Todd Phillips’ Joker: Folie À Deux on its way to the cinemas later this year, Joaquin Phoenix is just this close to receiving yet again a myriad of accolades for his reprised role of Joker — a couple of years ago it already brought him his first Oscar for Best Actor.

Though the future prospects can’t be better, Phoenix’s 2023 historical failure still haunts him to this day — and another famous actor has just joined the list of Joaquin’s harshest critics.

To everyone’s surprise, the Succession star Brian Cox had something to say about Phoenix’s portrayal of Napoleon Bonaparte in Ridley Scott ’s failed historical drama Napoleon that was released last year.

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The actor attended HistFest last week — and in there nobody could possibly escape Cox’s scathing criticism of bad films and bad actors, including Phoenix and his Napoleon that also got it in the neck.

Thus, according to Brian Cox, Joaquin Phoenix was absolutely terrible in the movie and delivered “truly a dreadful performance.”

The Succession actor also didn’t hide the fact that he personally put the whole blame on Phoenix rather than on Ridley Scott — the latter just “didn’t do him any favors”. Cox then added that he could’ve been a much better fit for Napoleon’s role which, as the actor put it, ended up being a total failure in a “misleading” drama.

It will be fair to say that Ridley Scott’s Napoleon was indeed heavily criticized — and not only by viewers or filmmakers, but also by professional historians.

The latter ones even pointed out the film’s ignorance about the French emperor’s non-military successes and his actual popularity among French people, as well as the tiring and absurdist Hitler-coded image that Scott created in the film.

Source: Yahoo! News