Bridgerton's Magic is Nowhere to Be Found in Queen Charlotte

Bridgerton's Magic is Nowhere to Be Found in Queen Charlotte
Image credit: Legion-Media

But it's okay, because the spinoff seems to have its own charm.

After Bridgerton came on the scene and momentarily revived interest in Regency romance, it was only a matter of time that Netflix would quickly create a spinoff series.

So there comes Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, the show which has the queen in the center of the narrative.

The story focuses on the young marriage of the parent series' most eccentric character, the imperious Queen Charlotte herself.

But as it turns out almost immediately, she wasn't always the confident and strong-willed ruler of the entire country we were used to seeing in the original series.

When the news came out that the show was going into production, fans began to question the success of the show, considering the fact that there won't be many of the already fan-favorite Bridgerton characters.

But it looks like all the fears were for nothing, and the spinoff is more than capable of standing on its own.

With thoughtful writing and strong lead performances, it's a bittersweet and heartbreaking love story that doesn't try to turn romance into a fairy tale, as the Bridgerton series mostly does.

In fact, it would have been odd to do so, since we already know that Charlotte and George have had many dark days in their marriage.

We are aware of George's mental illnesses and the struggles they bring to their life together. And certainly love isn't enough to cure it, but it's there to help him get through it somehow.

The two of them have simply decided not to give up on each other and to support each other no matter what. And this decision, as we can see, is a long lasting one.

The Charlotte we will see in this spinoff is at times nothing like the one we already know from both Bridgerton shows.

But that is the most interesting part to discover, even though many fans may find the spinoff's realism when it comes to romance very un-Bridgerton-esque.

All six episodes of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story will premiere on Netflix on May 4.