Bridgerton's Musical Special Could've Been The Best We've Seen In Years

Bridgerton's Musical Special Could've Been The Best We've Seen In Years
Image credit: Netflix

Come on, Shonda, it’s too soon to give up!


  • Bridgerton is a period romance drama based on the series of novels of the same name by Julia Quinn.
  • Half of the main cast consists of musical theater actors and talents with musical skills and trained singing voices.
  • Fans believe that Bridgerton would be a great show for Shonda Rhimes to redeem herself after the failure of Grey's Anatomy's musical episode.

No matter how great the quality of the content Bridgerton puts out, fans are always hungry for more. Even though it takes Shondaland and Netflix about 2 years to produce a season of the show, audiences are ready for behind-the-scenes content, extra footage and, of course, special episodes.

In fact, they already have two perfect concepts in mind. One is the Christmas Day special, which would fit perfectly in the spirit of December and make a great interseasonal special. The other would be just as great as a mid-season addition or even as part of the main storyline.

Bridgerton fans think a period romance drama like this, full of whimsical costumes, lavish balls, and instrumental covers of popular modern hits, is the perfect opportunity for Shondaland to give musical episodes another try.

Who From Bridgerton Cast Can Sing

While the infamous Grey's Anatomy episode was carried on by the voices of Sara Ramirez, Kevin McKidd, Chandra Wilson, and Chyler Leigh, Bridgerton is also full of artists who can take the solo.

To start with the Bridgerton siblings, the songs could be carried by Jonathan Bailey, Luke Newton, and Luke Thompson, who portray the three eldest brothers, Anthony, Colin, and Benedict. Bailey and Newton are both known for their musical theater performances, and recordings of the songs are all over the Internet.

Although Luke Thompson doesn't show off his singing voice as much as his brothers on screen, his talent hasn't gone unnoticed. The actor joined two others for a short cover of Elvis Presley's timeless hit Can't Help Falling in Love.

Another Bridgerton sibling who impressed viewers with some serious notes was Claudia Jesse, who portrays Eloise.

The special mention must go to the amazing narrator of the series, Lady Whistledown herself, Julie Andrews. Maybe if Lady Whistledown had started writing poems to sing instead of simple gossip columns, she would have been much more popular, so it's worth giving it a try.

Unfortunately, there is no official confirmation that Bridgerton's musical episode is currently in the works. However, if you still want to see where the upcoming season takes the characters, you can tune in to Netflix on May 16, 2024 to not miss the season 3 premiere.