Bridgerton Star Makes Fans Laugh, Cry, and Lose Their Sanity Over Her New Show

Bridgerton Star Makes Fans Laugh, Cry, and Lose Their Sanity Over Her New Show
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Fingers crossed for season 2.

Nicola Coughlan is currently best known for her roles in Derry Girls and Bridgerton, but her recently premiered new show could be a game changer. From anxious high school student Claire, trapped in Irish Derry in the 90s, to Regency London's biggest gossip, Coughlan has already proven her acting range.

Channel 4's Big Mood, however, has a potential of taking her career to another level with a much-needed portrayal of mental health struggles.

What Is Big Mood About?

The show follows two best friends, Maggie, portrayed by Nicola Coughlan, and Eddie, portrayed by Lydia West, who have been inseparable for about a decade but are now struggling to keep the relationship alive. Eddie is tired of Maggie's troublemaking ways, and Maggie is struggling to accept her deteriorating mental state.

Created by Camilla Whitehill and directed by Rebecca Asher, the show is billed as a comedy. However, those who have already seen it are rushing to warn others: the issues surrounding bipolar disorder may hit harder than you'd expect.

The show is as funny as it is heartbreaking. Although there are only 6 episodes, it is enough to make the viewers fall in love with two heroines and experience the whole spectrum of emotions with them. From mania to depression, from loving smiles to tears and screams, Big Mood has it all.

So far, the show has received some conflicting reviews and stands with a 6.4/10 rating on IMDb, but since it has only been released in one country so far, the score will most likely change throughout the month.

Big Mood U.S. Release

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Since Big Mood is a British production, streaming may be a little tricky. However, the show will be premiering on Tubi on April 19, so all the Bridgerton and Derry Girls fans in the U.S. will be able to enjoy Nicola Coughlan's incredible performance as Maggie.

Hopefully the network will have some good news about season 2 soon. Until then, you can always get more of Nicola Coughlan on your screens by streaming Derry Girls and Bridgerton on Netflix.

Be sure to tune in to the platform on May 16th to catch the premiere of Bridgerton season 3 starring Coughlan.