Bridgerton Top 3 Romantic Moments: Will Season 3 Dare to Beat Them All?

Bridgerton Top 3 Romantic Moments: Will Season 3 Dare to Beat Them All?
Image credit: Netflix

Going to be hard to outdo these ones.

Who doesn’t love a steamy relationship unfolding on their screens? When life gives you lemons, you just turn on the TV in order to find something sweet to replace the bitterness of real life. And what’s a better choice than a period drama full of young and passionate people, right?

When Bridgerton premiered on Netflix, it was an instant hit for many reasons. But one of the main ones is the amazing portrayal of different kinds of young love blossoming right then and there.

It wasn't like today in Regency England, there were a lot of courtship rules that young people had to follow, which made them miserable in many ways, but sometimes just added extra thrill to their lives.

There were plenty of steamy moments in season 1, with the power couple Simon and Daphne and in season 2, following Kate and Anthony’s story. So it's only fair to ask: is there any hope that Colin and Penelope's story will be as passionate as the previous ones?

1. The Garden Kiss: Daphne and Simon

Starting from the top, this was one of the most romantic moments in the course of season 1. While the two of them started their “dating life” under false pretenses, both of them soon realized that there’s a different type of chemistry between them and that they can’t deny it anymore.

Simon decided to leave her, unable to cope with the overwhelming feelings, but Daphne, deeply hurt by this, followed him into the gardens in a rage, only to melt like an ice sculpture under the sun when she saw him in the moonlight. It was the kind of first kiss 13-year-old girls dream about...

2. “You Are The Bane Of My Existence”: Kate and Anthony

It’s never easy with the Bridgertons... It all started during the infamous Sheffield’s dinner, where the family made it their mission to badmouth Kate in any way. Anthony couldn’t stand it and instantly stood up for her. But later... Everything was finally out.

While Kate was begging him to marry Edwina (god, why?) Anthony said everything he was thinking about the older Sharma sister. He let her know she was “the bane of his existence and the object of all his desires”. Can you beat a speech like that, Colin?

“The bane scene. It's the first time Kate also admits her attraction. Given how Kate keeps everything bottled up, the fact that she was comfortable enough or rather couldn't help but vocalize her feelings, now that's really hot!” Redditor Cultural-Brush-7059 said.

3. The Moment Under The Bed: Charlotte and George

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is probably the most romantic chapter of all three Bridgerton stories that are released, although it's considered to be a standalone show. Still, both Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte share the same universe, so it's easy to say that we can and must use the romance from there as an example here.

Charlotte and George's story wasn't easy, but despite their many struggles, they managed to stay true to each other. They had many children, and their love for each other never wavered despite the challenges they faced over the years.

We wanted to remind you of the most heartwarming scene, the one under the bed. When the older George was mentally challenged like never before, towards the end of the series, the two of them reunited under the bed, just like when they were younger. This is the moment that tells us how unconditional their love is and that time is nothing in this matter.