Brie Larson's Secret Fast X Role Revealed And It Makes Everything So Complicated

Brie Larson's Secret Fast X Role Revealed And It Makes Everything So Complicated
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Fasten your seatbelts, we're in for a ride.

So far, the role of Brie Larson in the Fast X trailer has been a mystery. Now the Captain Marvel star has opened up about details about the character and her connection to the series. And this is huge.

In the upcoming tenth entry in The Fast Saga, the cast is already so humongous we can only hope the movie runtime will manage to bear all this massive talent.

In addition to Jason Momoa as the proclaimed new villain, stars like Jason Statham and Charlize Theron are back.

Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson is new on board in a role which was covered in mystery until recently. Now the actress herself has revealed who she's playing in Fast X.

The big reveal is that Brie Larson plays the daughter of Kurt Russell's character.

In an interview with Total Film, the MCU star opened up about playing the daughter of Mr. Nobody.

The character, portrayed by Kurt Russell, appeared in Fast & Furious 7, The Fate Of The Furious, and F9. Mr. Nobody was a government agent who assisted Vin Diesel 's Dom Toretto & Co. on missions.

Most recently, the ninth movie F9 has seen Nobody crashing on a plane in Montecito. Nothing has been heard about the character since, but the appearance of his daughter Tess will presumably shed some light on his fate.

According to Larson, Tess "is a little bit of mystery," and after being given an impossible task by Dom "she's willing to go to those lengths… to show up for this family the way that her father did."

So, in this enigmatic way Larson makes clear that in Fast X, family dynamics are going to be even more complex than ever before.

While fans praise the idea of Brie Larson's character being Mr. Nobody's daughter as "really cool", the whole Family-oriented plot dynamics might be shifting.

We will find out what twist and turns take the next Fast chapter this May.