Bruce Willis Starring In Armageddon Was Pure Coincidence

Bruce Willis Starring In Armageddon Was Pure Coincidence
Image credit: Walt Disney Studios

Fame and success sometimes come from an unexpected place.

We all love Bruce Willis for the greatest action movies he makes. Well, what's not to love?

Over the years, he has earned his rightful place under the Hollywood sun for playing the most amazing, powerful, and fearless characters.

When we think of Willis, one of the first characters that comes to mind is his Harry Stamper from Armageddon. This movie actually is still considered one of the best movies in his career.

The director of the movie is Michael Bay, and Armageddon was his first major box office hit.

"I don't like Michael Bay very much at all. But for some reason I. Love. This. Film. This isn't an ironic love either. I just genuinely find this movie delightful from start to finish. Can anyone dissect why it is that this film is just so [damn] rewatchable?" Reddit user pbghikes said.

The movie actually had a star-studded cast that included Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, so it was a guaranteed success. Although Armageddon might seem like something that Willis would have chosen without thinking, he actually was forced to play in it.

The thing is, before he was cast in Bay's movie, he was part of a film that actually failed. It was called Broadway Brawler, a romantic sports comedy in which he would have played a retired hockey player.

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But the movie had so many problems on the set (including Willis' strong attitude) that it was canceled. The failure of the Disney movie production left Bruce Willis in a tough spot with the company, which then held him responsible for what happened.

Willis was faced with a $17.5 million lawsuit, but instead decided to take the deal to star in three Disney films for a reduced paycheck.

Armageddon was the first of the three, in which he earned only $3 million, a microscopic amount compared to the film's $553.7 million box office gross and his usual $20 million salary.