Bury Your Gays And Kill Your Eves: Three Times TV Series Ruined Our Favorite Couples

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Representation of LGBTQ+ couples is really important, especially when it comes to showing their mutual love and happiness on-screen. So the hurtful trend of 'burying your gays,' utilized by some very popular TV series, is damaging to millions of fans around the world.

As the recent 'Killing Eve' finale sadly repeats the mistakes of its fellow 'BYG' victims, here's our look at three shows that have devastated their fans with the murder of one of the characters involved in a blossoming love affair.

'The 100' – Lexa and Clarke

This hugely popular dystopian show was one of CW's biggest titles, and many fans were eagerly waiting for each new episode. And then it all went to pieces. Lexa and Clarke, two leaders of warring clans, were a popular pairing for many fans of the show, and when execs finally got ready to show their feelings on screen, 'Clexa' fandom was beyond itself with happiness. And then Lexa was killed. Needlessly and brutally, without ever experiencing that love she just found. Needless to say, fans were outraged with CW's decision, resulting in thousands of tweets and creation of 'The Lexa Pledge', urging TV writers to be more considerate when killing LGBTQ+ characters. And now, 'The 100' fans are supporting the 'Killing Eve' fandom going through a similar pain.

'Supernatural' – Dean Winchester and Castiel

Another CW hit show, and yet another 'bury your gays' controversy. The popular series has long been subject to accusations of queerbaiting regarding its approach to Dean Winchester and Castiel's relationship on screen. Fans of the show have been shipping these two for a long time, only to see Misha Collins' character finally express his feelings for Dean in the show's final season… and literally be dragged to hell moments later. Ouch. This creative decision provoked the wrath of millions of fans who accused the CW of homophobia and profiteering from their feelings. The outrage didn't die out and is still heard today, especially in light of recent 'Killing Eve' fiasco.

'Killing Eve' – Eve and Villanelle

And now to the main course itself – already infamous Villanelle's death at the very end of the show's run, just as she finds happiness with her loved one. This turn of events was not only unexpected, but made with quite a bad taste. Villanelle's death was totally unnecessary, and didn't add much to show's narrative. 'Killing Eve' writer Laura Neal's official comment, referencing Eve's love for Villanelle as just a phase, made the whole situation even worse, resulting in thousands of people expressing their anger with Neal for ruining their favorite TV series.

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