Cameron's Magic? Here's Why Fans Believe 'Avatar' Sequel Might Be Better Than Original

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Who knows what James Cameron had been up to for over ten years as he was making the movie?

Thirteen years after the original premiered in theaters, changing film industry forever, 'Avatar: The Way of Water' comes back to big screens. It has already been met with a fair share of skepticism: it's hard to create something groundbreaking and revolutionary twice, but it's James Cameron we're talking about here.

Many fans are not ready to downplay the upcoming sequel. Moreover, they think it has the chance to become even more successful than the 2009 movie, simply because that would actually fit the very particular pattern pretty well.

If you think about it, Cameron's 'Terminator' made history after the second movie, even though the first one was also a tremendous success. However, it's 'Judgment Day' that made the franchise an indisputable classic. The same goes for 'Aliens', even though there will always be people ready to argue about that.

What's the secret? Fans believe it's about Cameron's obsession with the technology behind his movies.

However, one should keep in mind that, aside from the iconic Terminator sequel 'Judgment Day', Cameron was also behind 'Genesis' and 'Dark Fate' – the movies that have not received as many accolades.

Still, here's a message from the dedicated Cameron fans: never doubt him.

'Avatar: The Way of Water' premieres on December 16.

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