Can't Let Meredith Go: Grey's Anatomy Fans Got an Idea for Boston Spinoff Already

Can't Let Meredith Go: Grey's Anatomy Fans Got an Idea for Boston Spinoff Already
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She has been with the show from the start.

From the very first episode in 2005 fans have followed Meredith's journey on Grey's Anatomy from starting as a hopeful surgical intern following in the footsteps of her mother to becoming the chief of surgery in her 19th and final season with the show.

Meredith Grey was undeniably the star of Grey's Anatomy.

Played by Ellen Pompeo, the talented Meredith, dark and emotionally complex, captivated fans around the world as she took on nearly impossible surgeries, competed fiercely against other surgeons, balanced friendships and love, grew her family, dealt with heartache and loss, and came out stronger and wiser no matter what.

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Fans were understandably devastated after hearing talks of Ellen leaving Grey's Anatomy, meaning that Meredith Grey would no longer feature on the show.

Sadly, her departure was confirmed shortly after rumors started circulating, leaving fans feeling lost and despondent at the loss of their favorite character, the show cannot go on without her.

Upon hearing the news of her exit, most fans sympathize with the actress. She has starred as Meredith in over 400 episodes for nearly 17 years and has decided to finally pursue other ventures, including starring in and executively producing a series based on a story that mirrors the horror movie, Orphan.

Grey's Anatomy Spinoff Idea Leaves Meredith Fans Divided

Although most fans understand that Ellen Pompeo needs to move on with her career and pursue other opportunities, others simply cannot let go of Meredith Grey and have come up with ideas for her return, including a Boston spinoff.

What fans have in mind is a Private-Practice spinoff set in Boston starring fan favorites like Catherine or Jackson and more importantly, Meredith.

Even seeing Meredith as an occasional guest on the suggested spinoff series would keep fans happy but the reality of Ellen Pompeo returning as Meredith Grey is highly unlikely at this point, and these fans have been criticized for not respecting her choice to move on with her career.

At this point, a Boston spinoff is almost certainly off the table, but that will never stop fans from hoping and dreaming.

As for Ellen Pompeo, the actress has expressed her heartfelt gratitude to her fans and everyone involved in the show in a recent Instagram post. She thanked her fans for being iconic and assured them not only that the show would go on but that she may even come back to visit.