Captain America's Virginity Debate Goes on For Years — Here's Who (Presumably) Started It

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Now that we know that "Captain America fu–", let's take a look back.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of mysteries, but one of them has been haunting fans for years – was Captain America a virgin? We now that no, he wasn't – thanks to Jennifer Walters and her adamant intention to know the truth, even if she has to get on Bruce Banner's nerves to know it.

But three years ago, no one knew for sure. There were lengthy analytical pieces on Reddit dedicated to Steve Rogers' sex life. Fans were even scrutinizing every single Chris Evans' line in 'Captain America' and everything he said to Peggy when talking about his love history.

Well, at least it was one specific fan theory on Reddit. In fact, its author now believes that their findings and assumptions were used by 'She-Hulk' creators when they finally addressed the issue of Captain America's virginity.

Can you imagine posting a fan theory only for it to end up actually inspiring the creators? If that was the case, then it only proves the power of fandoms when it comes to influence that they can have on original media. After all, it seems to be no secret that Marvel creator and stars, for their part, do no shy away from occasionally surfing Reddit.

For example, Iman Vellani even confessed that she had several burners solely for the purpose of anonymously arguing with other Marvel fans and even debunking their theories using her own unique knowledge of the lore – but not in a, you know, Tom Holland way that would officially spoil things for everyone.

Anyway, now we know that if something truly bothers you and you keep searching for truth – one day a certain Jennifer Walters may dedicate an entire post-credit scene of her solo show just to let you know that "Captain America fu–"!

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