Cersei Who? Fans Hail Someone Else as "Best Player of Game of Thrones"

Cersei Who? Fans Hail Someone Else as
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Game of Thrones is hard to win, and even though the series is already finished, fans are not exactly on the same page regarding who was the winner.

Things are never easy with Game of Thrones, with the HBO hit delving deep into the game in which you either win it all or lose everything — up to your dignity and life. But who was the best player in this violent game? The fandom is certainly divided when it comes to that.

One could think that the winner is someone who actually ended up becoming king. In this case, this would definitely be Bran Stark, who assumed the Iron Throne in the season 8 finale. However, many fans beg to differ; according to them, there were much better players, even though they did not necessarily survive the show.

Some fans view Cersei as someone who can outplay practically everyone in this cruel game. However, others have a different favorite player – an unlikely one.

Perhaps the most underrated player is Margaery. Think about it – although she did play the Game of Thrones and die in the end, she had a remarkable journey filled with witty political decisions and smart ploys.

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Margaery entered season season 2 as Renly Baratheon's wife, even though their marriage did not last too long, abruptly annulled after Renly's murder. Margaery then arrived in King's Landing as King Joffrey Baratheon's future wife. Her new husband was nowhere near being a dreamy Prince Charming, but Margaery exceeded in political intrigues enough to not care about it too much.

Even when Joffrey was poisoned, Margaery conveniently married his brother instead, therefore keeping her status she worked so hard for while being Joffrey's queen. Still, some fans believe that in the ultimate face-off between her and Cersei Lannister, the latter was the winner. To be fair, even though Margaery managed to outplay Cersei once, she still fell victim to that wildfire in the Sept of Baelor, apparently never believing that the Lannister queen would go this far.

However, not everyone in the fandom believes that Cersei's "victory" is fair.

"To everyone saying [Cersei] was the best player please know that she was already queen so of cause she had more power. Margaery started from the bottom and she gave her all," Twitter user slimjade_ said.

Even when it comes to being a queen, Margaery appears to be ahead.

"Cersei was queen twice, Margaery was queen 3 times for families of opposing sites and chose all 3 herself to come out on top [though]," added Twitter user BluejayPrime.

It's true, though, that Margaery did not have a chance to fully enjoy the perks of being the best player, as she never survived the game. Does this allow her to still be "the best player?" Some people still believe so.

Game of Thrones wrapped up after eight seasons, with the final chapter premiering in April 2019. Basically, Margaery needed to hold on for just two seasons to be the legitimate "best player."