Channing Tatum's Ugly Behavior Made Emma Watson Leave Set Of Acclaimed Comedy In Tears

Channing Tatum's Ugly Behavior Made Emma Watson Leave Set Of Acclaimed Comedy In Tears
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The filming of one particular scene with the Magic Mike star quickly turned from comedy to drama.

Hollywood history is full of examples of young actors who burned out after a bright start in the industry, although Emma Watson managed to find a life outside of Hermione Granger, but it wasn't always easy to let go of the smart Muggle-born witch.

Like Daniel Radcliffe, she sometimes agreed to rather risky and unexpected projects that would allow viewers to see her acting from the other side.

One such project was Seth Rogen 's This Is the End. The movie tells the story of a group of celebrities who attend a party hosted by actor James Franco.

Soon, a strange event occurs, causing the stars to believe that the end of the world has come. Some of them die, and the rest begin to fight for their survival.

All the participants in the movie played themselves, including Emma, who had to run around with an axe.

However, the role of the actress should have been bigger – in one of the scenes Emma refused to participate because of the behavior of her co-star Channing Tatum.

The scene featured Tatum in nothing but a thong, but that was not the only thing that shocked and upset the actress.

According to an extra who was on the set at the time, the actor was drunk, smoking pot and acting obscene.

When the actress broke down and left the set, according to the same extra, Channing said the ground was wet because of Emma's tears. As a result, the actress did not appear in the scene.

For a long time no one commented on this incident, but during an interview James Franco confirmed the rumor, but did not name the participants of the events.

In 2021, Seth Rogen himself finally gave his commentary, in which he admitted that the incident did happen.

According to him, the scene was largely improvised and ended up not being what Emma had originally agreed to.

The director expressed regret that he could not do anything to make the actress feel comfortable.

Channing Tatum's behavior angered fans of the actress, and although she never commented on the ugly situation herself, many supported her decision not to participate in the filming of this particular scene.