Check Out How 'The Batman' Looks Without VFX

Check Out How 'The Batman' Looks Without VFX
Image credit: Legion-Media

Visual effects are surely an essential part of any superhero movie, and sometimes it's funny to watch behind-the-scenes footage from, say, any 'Avengers' movie only to see that half of what's going on is actually a green screen.

New footage from the set of 'The Batman ' provides an exciting look behind the scenes of the gloomy universe of Matt Reeves' caped crusader portrayed by Robert Pattinson.

For instance, if you were curious about how the wing-suit works in real-life, you can check out how it looks with no CGI or VFX – if it doesn't ruin the magic of cinematography for you.

Because sometimes it clearly does ruin the magic to see the cool superhero just stranded up in the air, looking a lot like an inflatable mattress.

But in 'The Batman' case, the movie used a lot more practical effects than usual, opting for things that some may already deem obsolete – say, a stunt double.

In fact, 'The Batman' may be one of rare modern movies that end up looking pretty much the same when the CGI is dropped.

'The Batman' is also among the movies that pioneered the use of 'The Volume' – the cutting-edge LED technology that allows for more realistic scenery without the use of green screen. It has the ability to render in real-time, while also being capable of responding to the slightest camera movements.