Chicago Med’s Brian Tee Is Back on Set, but There’s a Twist

Chicago Med’s Brian Tee Is Back on Set, but There’s a Twist
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Not so sure about Dr. Choi, though.


  • In season 8, Chicago Med said goodbye to Dr. Will Halstead, Dr. Ethan Choi and April Sexton.
  • Although none of these characters will be returning for season 9, one of the actors couldn't stay away from the set.
  • Brian Tee, who portrayed Dr. Choi, will return for season 9 as a director.

One of the greatest things about being an actor on a set for many years is the opportunity to grow within that set. Exposed daily to all the details of the television production process, actors may want to try something different, and more often than not, they are given a chance to shine.

The most successful endeavors continue even after the actors' characters are finished in an on-screen universe.

For example, Grey's Anatomy invited Jesse Williams to direct even after his character, Dr. Jackson Avery, was written off. Another big step up was taken by The Office 's John Krasinski, who continued to direct after the show ended and found it to be his true passion.

Chicago Med's Brian Tee may end up following the same path. For now, though, we can celebrate his return for season 9.

Will Dr. Choi Be Back to Chicago Med Season 9?

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After Dr. Ethan Choi made the decision to pack his bags and open a mobile medical clinic for underserved communities with his wife, April Sexton, there was nothing to indicate that he would be returning to viewers' screens.

However, the actor behind the character, Brian Tee, will be making his comeback to the set of Chicago Med. How come?

Fortunately for all fans of the union, there will be no trouble in paradise, and Ethan and April will go through with their grand plan. Tee will return to direct, something he has done before and quite successfully.

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Brian Tee made his directorial debut on Chicago Med in season 8 Episode 17 titled Know When to Hold and When to Fold. The episode captured the documentary crew's visit to Marcel and Abrams' unique surgery. The episode received a 7.7/10 rating on IMDb and showed a lot of potential.

The actor shared his feelings about returning to the set of Chicago Med with Deadline:

“The career path is such an uphill journey of dreams and I’ve been fortunate enough to climb a few mountains. But no matter how far I may go, it’s always so special to be able to go back home and feel grounded in your own backyard,” Tee said.

To see what else the show's star will bring to season 9 in a relatively new role, be sure to tune in to new episodes of Chicago Med every Wednesday beginning March 20 on NBC.

Source: Deadline