Chris Evans Has Fans Losing It With Just Two Pics (And They're Not Even Nudes)

Image credit: Legion-Media

Yeah, let's not recall that awkward "nudes" situation when Chris Evans showed way too much from his camera roll…

Hold tight, fans of Chris Evans' mustache era, because that seems to be over.

The actor posted two pictures on his social media, captioning them "before and after" – and yes, he shaved his now-infamous mustache, apparently bidding adieu to the Lloyd Hansen look.

The photos immediately went viral, with fans left divided. Some sighed with relief seeing the mustache gone, and others immediately started to mourn it.

Different superheroes have different types of disguise. This is a Captain America one.

Seriously, he looks like two completely different dudes.

You really can call yourself an influencer when you are capable to drive social media wild by simply shaving off a mustache – or growing it back on. It's a never-ending cycle of viral content – and it's also definitely better than accidentally showing what many people deemed to be explicit pictures when screen capping your camera roll… right, Chris?

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