Christian Bale Enters the Horror Genre with His New Project Directed by Gyllenhaal

Christian Bale Enters the Horror Genre with His New Project Directed by Gyllenhaal
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Netflix’s remake of Bride of Frankenstein is happening, and Christian Bale reportedly bagged one of the lead roles in this new take on the classic horror story.

Frankenstein is one of the most iconic horror classics ever written and filmed, and while it’s less famous, there also is a sequel to it — Bride of Frankenstein. It picks up where the original story left off and continues the subplot of Dr. Frankenstein wishing to create a partner for his Monster, and in the sequel, he obviously succeeds.

While most people only know the original Frankenstein story, the Bride also has a significant place in the horror genre’s history. It was originally adapted for movie screens all the way back in 1935, and the film had a massive success. Now, almost 90 years later (crazy, right?), Netflix is set to make a full reboot of this golden classic.

The new version will be directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal, which is a good sign: Gyllenhaal was also the director of 2021’s The Lost Daughter with Olivia Colman which was nominated for Oscars in three different categories. This already gives enough reassurance for the movie’s fate, but there’s one more pleasant surprise.

Reports claim that none other than Christian Bale is to star in the new adaptation of Bride of Frankenstein, and while details have been rather sparse so far, this is great news for all the horror enjoyers. Bale is famous for his unique and brilliant on-screen transformations, and his talent is more than enough for us to expect a lot from the film.

We are yet to learn which role the A-lister will undertake, but it’s safe to assume that, since he’s a lead actor, it will be that of Dr. Frankenstein. However, since Christian Bale has already “been there, done that” when it comes to playing humans, his passion for challenge and method acting may lead him to play the Monster himself.

Admittedly, there’s nothing else left to say about Netflix’s Bride of Frankenstein apart from the rumor that it won’t start production until Q1 2024: we don’t know much just yet. However, if it’s true that Gyllenhaal is in charge and Bale is her lead man, we’re most likely in for a phenomenal ride when the movie releases on the platform.

Source: Production Weekly via World of Reel