Christian Bale Scared His Little Daughter with His Commitment to This $214M Johnny Depp Movie

Christian Bale Scared His Little Daughter with His Commitment to This $214M Johnny Depp Movie
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Christian Bale is widely known for his incredible characters, but their lifelikeness comes at a price: back in the day, the actor freaked out his little daughter because of that!

There are numerous actors and actresses in Hollywood who are considered A-listers, and even more of those who are constantly under the spotlight.

Some of them are genuinely amazing at their job, and others are more of celebrities whose personal life happened to become some hungry journos’ favorite cash machine.

Those who belong in the first category are fewer, but they are undoubtedly great. They are the performers whose talents are obvious, and every viewer knows exactly why they’re being praised and what makes them so unique and special. These people are hard-working and passionate about their craft, and they deserve every bit of fame.

Christian Bale is definitely in that category: he's one of those actors where you know exactly what it is that made him great. Bale is famous for his immaculate method-acting performances and the ability to transform both mentally and physically into any character he undertakes. The actor always gives his all to every one of his roles.

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While we all remember the terrifying weight losses and gains Christian Bale has gone through and the mental torments he put himself through to make his characters as lifelike as possible, his performances come at a cost even when they are less extreme. You may think, how can playing an FBI agent come at a price?

In 2009’s Public Enemy, Christian Bale played FBI officer Melvin Purvis, the man who tries to catch the notorious criminal John Dillinger (played by Johnny Depp ). Since Purvis was from the South, Bale adopted and kept the specific accent of the southern parts of the US even off-screen, which scared his little daughter.

"Melvin Purvis was really a southern gentleman. So Christian kept the accent for 24 hours a day. It freaked out his young daughter. She said, 'Daddy doesn't talk like that!' And he replied, 'Well, ah'm sorry, mah dear, but daddy's studying for a part, and ah'll be speaking like this for the next four months,’” director Michael Bay shared.

Over time, Bale’s daughter got used to the strong southern accent (and was probably really surprised when her father started speaking like he used to, again) — but this case only goes to show that Christian Bale takes his craft very seriously and is not willing to drop the act even if it scares his beloved child.

He’ll help her overcome the fear, but he won’t drop the accent. It’s for art!

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