Cillian Murphy Causes an Internet Freakout By Proving He Knows His Memes

Cillian Murphy Causes an Internet Freakout By Proving He Knows His Memes
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This level of fame gets to everyone.


  • Cillian Murphy is an Irish actor best known for his roles in the TV series Peaky Blinders and the biographical thriller Oppenheimer.
  • In several previous interviews, the actor claimed not to be interested in an online presence.
  • However, in Variety's latest Actors on Actors feature, Murphy admitted to being aware of some memes about himself.

Let's face it, it's almost impossible to be chronically offline in the 2020s. Even the biggest technology and Internet haters found themselves surfing during the pandemic and have been addicted to social media ever since. This may not bode well for society as a whole, but it has happened and it continues to happen.

In Hollywood, as you can imagine, the stakes are even higher. While for a normal person, social media is nothing more than a tool to waste some time and update the circle of people close to you about your life, it's different for a celebrity.

An Instagram account immediately becomes a platform for possible sponsorships, and X (formerly known as Twitter) a ticking bomb of opinions waiting to explode with the next wave of cancellations. For this reason, not every artist is interested in joining these platforms. They have enough on their plate with the tabloids.

But that doesn't mean they stay away from the Internet altogether. And even if they try their best, core phenomena like Barbenheimer always have a way of spilling over into real life.

Cillian Murphy Does Know His Memes

Cillian Murphy Causes an Internet Freakout By Proving He Knows His Memes - image 1

While it wasn't the actor's choice to become a little more savvy when it comes to the Internet, he eventually had to get into the same stuff his kids were into. With two sons, 16 and 17 years old, it was impossible to turn a blind eye to the creations of the fans.

Murphy opened up about his relationship with Barbie memes and fan art after being asked about it by Margot Robbie during Variety's Actors on Actors feature:

“I have two teenage boys. I do know what a meme is. Now I know that there are memes about me not knowing what a meme is. <...> Now that it’s become this sort of meme that’s eating itself, I am aware. But it’s mostly because of people either sending it to me or showing me and saying, ‘Look, you gotta look at this.’”

As you can imagine, the Internet itself did not take this revelation lightly. In fact, this interview has created even more memes for Cillian Murphy to scroll through, finally giving in to the social media fever the whole world seems to have around him. Thanks to Variety's teaser, the web is now obsessed with how Cillian Murphy sits.

While we look forward to seeing the actor's reaction to this meme, you can pick up Oppenheimer on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV Plus, or Vudu to see him in a much more familiar movie setting.

Source: Variety