Cillian Murphy Had Major Beef With Oppenheimer Scientists, And It Wasn’t Even About The Movie

Cillian Murphy Had Major Beef With Oppenheimer Scientists, And It Wasn’t Even About The Movie
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When science talk goes in the wrong direction.

Christopher Nolan 's Oppenheimer is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. The hype surrounding the new film is so huge that even those who are not necessarily fans of the director are nervously biting their nails while waiting.

The new movie coming to the big screen is also a blast for those who love Cillian Murphy 's performance. Peaky Blinders fans can't wait to see the beloved character play the role of phenomenal scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, the one man who invented the atomic bomb.

It's no secret that Murphy and Nolan have been working together on various projects for years. And the actor has said many times that he would be willing to work on any movie Nolan ever made. So it was that commitment that led us to Murphy taking the lead role in the director's film for the first time.

Playing Oppenheimer, however, proved to be quite a challenge. Murphy had to do a lot of research to be able to portray the eminent scientist on screen and be believable. And since his character is actually a very complicated and controversial one, it only made things more difficult.

The actor said that the main thing he wanted to do was actually understand how the discovery of something as big as a bomb might make a person feel and behave. And getting into the science and trying to actually understand the process of making it was not as necessary.

So to understand how the men of the scientific world live and think, Murphy spent a lot of time with them. He told the Guardian that hanging out with them was actually one of the most fulfilling experiences of all time.

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Murphy came to understand that the way scientists think is completely different, even on general topics like politics, movies, infinity, etc. He was thrilled to be a part of these conversations.

However, one topic they discussed almost left a scar on Murphy's romantic soul.

“I remember one scientist saying, ‘I don’t believe in love. It’s a biological phenomenon, the exchange of hormones between the female and the male. That’s all. Love is nonsense. I couldn’t go along with that, obviously,” he said in the interview with The Guardian.

The thing is, Murphy is a very passionate actor who could never agree to a statement like that. And "love" in this conversation is not just the romantic relationship, but anything that can evoke that deep feeling.

And as we know, Murphy has said many times that being an actor and playing these complicated characters is one of the things he loves so much. And that's definitely not nonsense.

Oppenheimer premieres on July 21.

Source: The Guardian