Colin Firth’s Best Rom-Com of All Time Is Already on Max, So Forget Anyone But You

Colin Firth’s Best Rom-Com of All Time Is Already on Max, So Forget Anyone But You
Image credit: Miramax Films

No one could ever beat Mr Darcy.


  • Sydney Sweeney ’s hit romcom Anyone But You swept all the genre’s fans’ attention last year, but now it got a significant streaming competitor which was recently released on HBO Max.
  • HBO Max’s new arrival is the iconic romcom straight from the 2000s that over the years has managed to become a major cultural phenomenon.
  • The romcom franchise stars very well-known actors — and one of them even got the Academy Award nomination for their outstanding performance.

Sydney Sweeney’s last year romcom hit Anyone But You has been taking over the whole internet for a while after its release, but it’s still far from being as good as the old classic.

While the actress’s devoted fans are getting ready to stream one of her latest movies as soon as it lands on Netflix on April 23, they almost missed out another iconic romcom that just got dropped on HBO Max.

It’s been more than 20 years since the first movie came out, but all of them still gather lots of nostalgic fans. Bridget Jones’s Diary, a film franchise based on Helen FIelding’s novel of the same name, is a modern interpretation of Jane Austin’s famous Pride and Prejudice — with Mr Darcy portrayed by Colin Firth ( he’s not new to the role after having starred as the same Mr Darcy in 1995’s classic adaptation).

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The plot follows Bridget Jones, a slightly insecure, but yet very ambitious young woman in her 30s played by Renée Zellweger. One day, after getting tired of waiting till good things (and a good man) come to her life on their own, Bridget decides to take it all in her hands — and starts writing a diary that will supposedly help her to focus better on what she wishes to have thus will make it happen.

Over the years Bridget Jones’s Diary became a true cultural phenomenon and even some kind of heritage that gets passed from one generation to another while never losing its huge popularity. Renée Zellweger’s iconic performance even brought her the Academy Award nomination for Best Actress — which is quite a rare case for romcoms.

Though Bridget Jones’s Diary is not on the list of highly anticipated releases this month, fans will nonetheless be happy to see that all the movies of the franchise have arrived on HBO Max for good. The films have been available for streaming since April 1.