Constantine 2 Future Uncertain Again, But Keanu Reeves in DCU May Be a Thing

Constantine 2 Future Uncertain Again, But Keanu Reeves in DCU May Be a Thing
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Ever since the first part of Constantine was released, fans have been dreaming of a sequel.

However, recent comments made by Keanu Reeves seem to indicate that the sequel is not going to happen after all.

Even though the 2005 movie is pretty far from the original comics, audiences turned a blind eye because Keanu Reeves as a cancer-stricken exorcist is simply incomparable.

Since 2020, there were hints from several people that Constantine 2 could very well be in the works, and Keanu Reeves himself expressed his desire to be back in the role.

Since then, strange things have happened with the sequel: first, the studio officially greenlit it, and then it was rumored to be dead again.

"I was hoping it would [happen], but we don't know," Reeves himself said in his most recent interview with ComicBook.

However, the reason for possibly canceling a full-fledged sequel may be that Constantine may appear in another DC project. Although Keanu Reeves' Constantine has always existed in his own universe, it would not be hard to make him appear in other projects.

"With all these shared universes that exist now, with Constantine being a part of Vertigo, which is a part of DC, people have plans for these shared universes," Constantine Director Francis Lawrence said in his interview back in 2020.

Although the possible cancellation of the sequel upset fans, many agree that moving Constantine to the DCU would be an interesting decision, and one Constantine in another project is better than two in different projects or none at all.

"To be very honest, as much as I would like getting a sequel, I'd much rather prefer a Constantine for the DCU story and not 2 Constantines at the same time one as the main and the other as elseworld," Reddit user kumar100kpawan commented.

Many fans fear that Constantine will suffer the fate of other sequels that failed and simply ruined the legacy of a worthy first installment.

It is also argued that too much time has passed since the first movie, which will also not play into the success of the project.

"Whilst I'm fine with ElseWorld titles like Joker 2 and The Batman Trilogy, a sequel to a movie like Constantine just seems DOA.

A sequel that would feature an already very mixed and not very accurate portrayal of Constantine, an actor in his late 50's, a screenwriter whose not very highly regarded, and a legacy sequel on top of that," Reddit user DrAwesomeX said.

Whatever it may be, the general opinion of the fans is that they're ready to see Constantine in whatever form, as long as this is going to happen. The billion dollar question is, is it going to happen after all?